Wedding Photography Blog Post Ideas To Use When You’re Feeling Stuck

Blog Post Ideas for Wedding Photographers

Unpopular opinion – Wedding photography blog posts can often feel stale and repetitive. While it’s useful to blog about your recent weddings and engagement sessions, if all you’re showing is past client work, you’re missing out on a major way to connect with your potential clients. Try some of these photography blog post ideas instead to liven up your website or blog and get a new, SEO-approved perspective.

How Blogging Helps SEO for Wedding Photographers

Blogging allows you to share your knowledge with your clients in a new way, and if done correctly, can help draw potential clients and customers to your website. By researching the topics that your business represents and the interests of your ideal clients, you can identify keywords that, when used to create content surrounding these interests, will help your blog articles rank higher on Google and bring potential customers to your website. 

Is Showit Good for SEO?

Showit is a website designing platform that allows you to build a website from the templates that they’ve provided and includes virtual tools that can generate titles, descriptions, headers, and much more for your website, essentially, taking the hard work out of website creation and SEO for wedding photographers. It’s a great tool to minimize your work on the backend, which can leave you more time to brainstorm blog post ideas and write content that will take your website to the next level of SEO ranking. 

Blog Post Ideas to Get You Started

Now that you’ve gotten the hard work of designing your wedding photography website and evaluating your SEO options, you can begin writing your blog posts and the fun part begins. We’ve compiled a list of photography blog post ideas so check out some of these ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

  1. Explain why couples should book a second shooter: 

Wedding photographers capture one of the most important days of many people’s lives. With so many details, outfit, and location changes, and loved ones, booking a second shooter through your wedding photography company is a stellar idea to ensure that the customer gets exactly the shots they want and that their vision is fulfilled. Try some of these titles:

  • Why You Should Book A Second Shooter For Your Wedding
  • Is a Second Wedding Photography Shooter Right For You?
  • How a Second Wedding Photography Shooter Can Make Your Photos Magic
  1. Outline what a sample wedding timeline could look like (and why it’s best to shoot at certain times of day):

Every wedding photographer knows the intense planning that goes into any successful wedding, but oftentimes, your clients don’t realize the importance of a detailed timeline until it’s too late. To achieve a seamless wedding, encourage your clients to consider breaking down their wedding timeline ahead of time and considering all factors that may affect the times chosen for each event. Try titles such as:

  • Planning Your Ideal Wedding Day Timeline
  • A Wedding Photographer’s Guide to the Perfect Wedding Timeline
  • What You Should Consider When Planning a Wedding Timeline
  1. Why couples should have an unplugged ceremony:

In today’s day and age, many couples choose to have “unplugged” ceremonies that request that cell phones not be present for or involved in at least some of the ceremony, and there are actually many reasons why! Unplugged ceremonies help guests focus on the couple themselves, ensure that phones aren’t in the line of sight, and alleviate the fear of a phone notification interrupting the ceremony. Suggest an unplugged ceremony to your readers using one of these titles:

  • Unplugged Wedding Ceremonies: The Pros and Cons
  • Why You Should Have an “Unplugged” Wedding Ceremony
  • 5 Benefits of an Unplugged Wedding Ceremony
  1. Recap of your favorite moments from the past year:

Though you don’t want your entire wedding photography blog to be a portfolio review of photos from previous weddings, a wrap of your highlight reel is a unique way to present some of your images and add a behind-the-scenes touch to these photos, while also plugging your value as a wedding photographer and the benefits that you could provide to potential future clients. Start with one of these titles for some inspiration:

  • Our Favorite 2023 Wedding Moments
  • Wedding Moments of 2023 That You Won’t Want To Miss
  • These Wedding Moments Will Change Your Mind About (Insert Controversial Opinion Here)
  1. Favorite locations for engagement photos (this will give you an SEO boost too!):

Suggesting some of your favorite locations for engagement and wedding photography is a three-for-one! These places will not only make for enticing photography blog post ideas, but these locations listed in your article will also act as keywords that will improve your SEO ranking as a wedding photographer for your specific region as well as hopefully get clients to book an engagement shoot with you in addition to their wedding photos. 

Make your suggestions extra specific to draw in your desired type of client or keep them general to attract more potential clients altogether! Try some of these title examples:

  • 10 Places to Take Stunning Engagement Photos in (List Your City)
  • The Best Locations for Engagement Photos at Sunset
  • Engagement Photo Locations for the (Insert Descriptor Here) Bride & Groom 
  1. A list of must-haves for your wedding or engagement photoshoot:

Save yourself some work and provide your clients with a list of things that they can do, bring, or use to prepare before their wedding or engagement photoshoot. Do you like clients to bring props, provide color schemes, or pick out poses and shot ideas ahead of time? This is your chance to tell them with a blog post like these:

  • How to Prepare For Your Wedding Photoshoot
  • A Bride & Groom’s Comprehensive List of Wedding Photoshoot Must-Haves
  • 5 Things Tips to Make Sure You’re Ready For Your Engagement Shoot
  1. A peek into the lives of you, the wedding photographer!

Have you ever wondered what goes into the behind-the-scenes process of some of your favorite artists and creators? Your clients probably wonder the same thing about you! Give them a look into the creator behind the lens with some behind-the-scenes info and photos! This is another great way to sneak in some of your favorite wedding photos of the year while also connecting with your clients on an authentic level. Try a title like:

  • A Behind-the-Scenes Look Into Wedding Photography
  • A Look Into the Life of a Wedding Photographer
  • 24 Hours With Your Favorite Wedding Photographer

These photography blog post ideas may be helpful to create interest in your website and draw potential clients in, but remember, couples aren’t just hiring you for your talent and service. They’re also hiring you because of your knowledge, experience, and your ability to make their lives easier. This means that creating blog posts that teach rather than simply show is a great way to keep people on your site longer and improve your overall SEO ranking, reinforce that you are an expert in your field, and add another dimension of overall experience to your brand.



April 18, 2022

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  1. […] This tells Google that your site is current, up to date, and relevant to what its users are searching for. Photographers – don’t just blog your recent sessions! Make sure you sprinkle in a few educational posts as well. Answer your viewers questions before they have the chance to ask them. Give them a list of your top 10 engagement session locations. Any time you can work in the name of a location, venue, or region, it’ll give you a little SEO boost for that keyword on Google! But don’t overstuff your content with keywords. Google can spot that a mile away and it will hurt your ranking. Having trouble coming up with blog post topics? Check out this list of 10 Blog Post Ideas To Use When You’re Feeling Stuck. […]

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