For Wedding Photographers: 10 Blog Post Ideas To Use When You’re Feeling Stuck

Unpopular opinion – a lot of wedding photographers have very stale blog posts. It’s wonderful to blog about recent weddings and engagement sessions, but if all you’re showing is past client work, you’re missing out on a major way to connect with your potential clients. Remember, couples aren’t *just* hiring you for your talent/service. They’re hiring you because of your knowledge, experience, and your ability to make their lives easier. Creating blog posts that *teach* rather than just *show* is a great way to keep people on your site longer, reinforce that you are an expert in your field, and add another dimension of overall experience to your brand.

Feeling stuck? Here’s ten things you could blog about!

  1. Posts that educate clients on your process/some of your most frequently asked questions in detail
  2. Explain why couples should book a second shooter
  3. Outline what a sample wedding timeline could look like (and why it’s best to shoot at certain times of day)
  4. Why couples should have an unplugged ceremony
  5. The importance of printed photographs and heirloom products
  6. Tips for better ceremony photos (or getting ready photos, reception photos, etc)
  7. Recap of your favorite moments from the past year
  8. To-do list when you first get engaged
  9. Why couples should do a first look
  10. Favorite locations for engagement photos (this will give you a SEO boost too!)

Want to see a *fantastic* example of a wedding photographer that truly uses the concept of educating her clients through her blog to her advantage? Victoria Saint Martin blogs about everything from wedding planning tips to invitation and playlist suggestions. And we LOVE to see this.

Don’t have time for it?

Consider hiring someone to write your blog posts! I have a number of clients that do this. Remember, you don’t have to do it all alone.

One last tip: don’t forget that you can link to these posts on the main pages of your website! For example – if you have a pricing page that lists a first look – link to your “Why couples should do a first look” post. You’re marketing your services in a way that is educational, not salesy.



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