How and When To DIY Your Own Website (just because you can, doesn’t mean you should).

I will always be an advocate for working with a designer for a custom website build. Our job is to help organize your thoughts and get you from point a to point b (making money). We know the best way to organize your content for maximum impact and functionality – we’re up to date on the latest updates to Google (SEO), website trends, etc. We know where your eye should rest, where you need breathing room. And….we just plain know what we’re doing.

Take it from past clients…

“I’m finally feeling confident in myself and fall in love with the work that I am producing. Seeing this come together so beautifully has given me such reassurance in my work and my “why” behind why I do this.” -Olivia Yuen

“I’m blown away by the massive change you made in my business. In the three months following the launch my income doubled what I made in the first half of the year! I honestly wish I did this sooner!” -Amethyst Event Productions

“I will honestly never work with another website designer after two super successful websites & brands have been successfully executed with her expertise.” -Maria Crisafulli, Vow To Wander

But of course, there are exceptions to every rule. Here’s three times when you can, and SHOULD do it yourself:

When NOT having a website is preventing you from launching your business, booking clients, or getting paid.

Done is better than perfect. You can always launch a basic template based website now, and then book a designer a few years down the road when things are really gaining traction.

If you’re in the first three years of owning your business.

Over time I’ve learned from experience (both from my OWN experience as a business owner and from working with other business owners) that it takes a few years to truly find your style and figure out EXACTLY who you want to serve (ten years later I’m STILL pivoting my business!)

When you just want something simple.

If you just want a short, one page website with minimal text and photos, it’s probably not in your best interest to spend thousands of dollars hiring a designer.

For those who choose to DIY their own website, we offer a robust collection of pre-designed websites built for the Showit platform. Our templates are designed specifically for creative businesses – photographers, designers, planners, coaches, wedding industry professionals, etc. Showit is an extremely versatile drag and drop website platform, making it easy to swap out photos, fonts, colors, and logos in just a few clicks. You can truly launch your website in a matter of days, not weeks! You can shop our collection here.

One last tip for those wanting to DIY their website with a template – watch the videos!

We’ve created detailed “tips and tricks” videos to go along with each template we offer. They explain, in detail, how to customize the template and still keep that unique, professional look. Take a look, you might learn something! Find those videos here.

New to Showit?

Interested in taking it for a spin? You can try either of our FREE templates, Ferncroft or Beau Fleuve, available directly in the Showit app! You can access it by signing up for a FREE 14 day trial to Showit here! Then, once you’re done with the 14 day free trial, you can get one FREE MONTH when you sign up and pay for your subscription HERE!



February 10, 2023

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Hey, I’m Christina! Ten years ago, I was a wedding photographer who loved being creative but didn’t feel totally at home in my work. 

It was only when I discovered Showit, the drag-and-drop website platform that I realized I enjoyed building my website more than I liked doing anything else.

Today, we are a Showit Design Partner and 2021’s Showit Designer of the Year, with 100+ custom clients served, and thousands of templates sold to passionate creatives.

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