One Of The Most Common Questions I’m Asked About SEO (And Why The Solution Might Surprise You)

Today’s post is short and sweet, but so, so important.

I frequently get emails that ask, “Can I hire you for SEO?”

When people aren’t ranking well on Google, they get frustrated and want a quick and easy fix – they want to hire an SEO expert. They assume that SEO is all back end work, adjustments made to settings that the average person doesn’t know how to tweak. Like there’s some magic “control panel” that a designer can access and push the SEO slider from “bad” to “page one Google.”

That’s far from reality, and the solution to ranking higher may not be exactly what you think. Most SEO power actually comes from well written website copy. Yes, your website copy. It needs to be relevant, succinct, frequently updated (blogging!), and have just the right sprinkling of keywords that you want to rank for.

So here’s my answer – if you want to improve your SEO, step one should be to hire a copy writer. They can give you copy that’s written properly. That has just the right amount of keywords without keyword stuffing (because that can actually hurt your SEO!) Most importantly, they can write copy that is relevant and helpful for the end user (your viewer).

Remember, Google is a search engine (duh). It wants to do the very best it can to show results that are what people are actually searching for. Therefore, the more helpful, relevant, and succinct your page is, the more likely it is to come up in a search result. Because Google knows that it will actually help that person answer the question they are looking for.

Looking for more info on SEO?

Corey Potter and Dylan Howell and have an amazingly successful SEO course for photographers. If you don’t want to splurge on the course, their Fuel Your Photos group on Facebook is an amazing free resource! Additionally, check out our recent post, 3 SEO Tricks To Drive More Traffic To Your Website.



January 16, 2023

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