When I started my business, it felt SO good to help other businesses get off the ground, because I was just getting my own business off the ground.

It took a while (almost 10 years, in fact), but over time I started to check off all of those goals I had for myself, one by one. And as that happened, I started to lose my passion. I wondered....what's next? 

I started to fall out of love with my business because I didn't have a clear plan of action for moving forward. I felt totally lost, but in reality, I just needed to narrow my focus and get rid of what was not working.

Every time I tell a story like this I get messages from other creatives telling me they’re in the same boat. That they understand. That they’ve been there. That they’re looking for a way out.

We took those messages to heart and created a resource for all of you  that feel stuck, unmotivated, and weighed down by the feelings that come with it. There is a way out, and there is a way to fall back in love with your business again. No matter what stage you’re in, we have 3 actionable steps you can take to move forward and out of the fog.

If you’re going to be afraid of something - why not be afraid of being in the exact same situation you are in right now, in one year, wishing you would have started today?