Why We Love The Showit Web Platform

We’ve been with Showit for nearly 10 years, and we’re lucky to be one of their small team of Design Partners. Want to learn more?

We design our websites exclusively with Showit 5, a drag-and-drop website builder made by and for photographers, designers, and creative entrepreneurs. Here’s why we love it so much:


No Code. No Headaches.

Showit allows you to create the website you want without a single line of code. Scroll, swipe, animate, click. Make it happen without monkeying with languages that only nerds and computers understand. If you want to put a pink square on the page, you just click and drag a pink square. Easy as that.


Unique Design On Every Screen

Showit 5 can create unique experiences for your mobile and desktop visitors. We’ll make sure it shows up on every device exactly the way we designed it. No need to worry if things will move around to the right spot on a different size screen. Showit allows you to have full control over the way your website appears on every device. It’s called Responsive Canvas technology, and it will allow us to brand your business like nobody’s business.


Pricing and Subscription

*Showit subscription is not included in any design packages by The Buffalo Collective, and must be paid by the client before work begins on any website design. 

Need a more detailed breakdown of these pricing options? We’ll fill you in! Shoot us a message!



By far the greatest thing about Showit is the community that surrounds it. When I graduated from college in 2011, I had a degree in fine art photography but no idea how to make a living. We didn’t learn any practical photography skills in school, the most instruction (seriously) I had been given on studio lighting was “If you want the light brighter, move it closer. If you want it dimmer, move it farther away.”

Shortly before I graduated, I discovered Jasmine Star‘s blog and that led me to the Showit website. I wrote to them and told them how desperately I wanted to have an online portfolio, but didn’t know how to build one and couldn’t afford to pay for a website. They gave me a three year subscription for free and guided me through the process. I joined the “Showiteers” group on Facebook and learned so much about business, photography, goal planning, and networking from other photographers- it was the education I never had.

My life and career have never been the same. I worked for 5 years as a wedding photographer, and have since discovered a greater passion- creating websites for wedding photographers. Without this community and support I wouldn’t be where I am today- I am so grateful. And I can’t wait to share this community with you.


What Our Clients Are Saying

With the elevated viewer experience of Showit 5, we’re able to book more clients that value our unique approach, style, and overall brand.” – The Harris Company


Some of Our Favorite Recent Designs


Corrin Jasinski

Lauren Kirkham




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