$2000 //  1.5 weeks to complete

Build a perfect-fit brand through discovery, strategy, and emotion-driven visuals.

Mini-Branding Package

This package gives you the essentials - color palette, typography, primary logo, logo variation, and sub-mark/brand marks. Basically, everything you need to get ditch that old DIY logo and start charging what you're worth. Discount available if booked along with a website package.

Here's what's included...

Discount available if booked along with a website package. Payment plans are available. This process involves a bit of homework on your end, so please plan your own schedule accordingly!

Discovery Call
Color palette
Typography selection
Logo design
Logo variation and submark
Social media launch graphics
Brand guide PDF

This package is a good fit for you if...

You're embarrassed to use your current logo

You'd rather hand over the reins to a professional than do it yourself and keep leaving money on the table

Your DIY logo is holding you back from charging the prices your work deserves


Fill out our contact form, book a discovery call, and get on our calendar!


We’ll send over some homework assignments (they're easy, we promise!) This helps us learn more about your business, what you're drawn to visually, and helps us make design decisions that align with your values. The homework will be due the Friday before your start date. 


When your project officially starts, we'll take the first day to pour over your homework and create a moodboard. The moodboard helps us keep our end goal in mind and make decisions down the road that always align with that vision. This is also when we'll propose your brand colors.


Halfway through week one we will deliver version one of your brand concept. We believe in the one concept method, and since our homework is so vision focused we're entirely confident this idea will be on par with what you're looking for!


Now it's time for revisions. We include up to 2 revisions with our package, so its extremely important that you are specific, constructive, and timely with your feedback! The revisions should only take a day or two. Additional revisions are available for $100 per revision.


Once we reach our final design and the middle of week two approaches, your work here is done! We'll prepare and deliver your files, and craft a comprehensive Brand Guide PDF that outlines your brand elements and gives examples of how each logo form should be used. Don't forget graphics to promote your brand launch! We'll give you those too (here's an example!)

Read more: Logo files we deliver and what they're used for →

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(mid-end of week one)

(before the project starts...)

(finish line!)

The Branding Process

Payment Schedule

25% due along with signed contract upon booking

25% due on your scheduled start date

Remaining 50% due at the end of the project, before design is delivered

25% due along with signed contract upon booking

25% due on your scheduled start date

Remaining 50% due at the end of the project, before design is delivered

Frequently Asked Questions


Many brand designers will do a lot of work behind the scenes developing a concept for each brand they create. They'll outline the look, feel, ideal client, brand positioning, etc, laying those foundations before diving into the visuals. Because the clients we work with have typically been in business for 3-5 years or more, a lot of those founds have already been established. And if you are planning to work with a copy writer (here's why I recommend working with a copywriter before you start work on your website), you'll also cover all of these topics with them. Most clients come to us *just* looking for the visuals, so it makes more sense for us to offer a "mini" package at a lower price point, with a faster turnaround.

We believe in the "one concept" approach. We used to provide two concepts to choose from, but over time we found that we were putting 95% of our efforts into the first one, and then 5% of our efforts into the second one, just for the sake of giving the client a second option. And do you know what? The clients always ended up choosing the first option. When the homework is done properly (and thoroughly), and the line of communication is open, there's usually no need for another option to choose from. So moving forward, we offer one concept, with two rounds of revisions (additional revisions are available for $100 per revision.) We also find that this keeps the project running much smoother and more timely. When you truly *know* your brand, and know exactly what you want, you don't need a million options to choose from.

A logo is not one stand alone object. We craft three logos for you (primary logo, secondary logo, and submark) because we know your needs are never “one size fits all.” Sometimes you need a detailed version, sometimes you need a simple one, sometimes you need a square one rather than rectangular, etc. For example, a long skinny logo wouldn't work as an Instagram profile pic. Right? When you have three, you have all your bases covered.

Our process involves homework to determine the best creative decisions to fit you, your brand, and your goals. We like to work from scratch with complete creative freedom, so we're probably not the best fit for this creative process. However there are a lot of designers that will offer this, so we're happy to make some referrals! Don't hesitate to ask!

Yes! We require a 25% deposit to book the date to work, 25% the day before your scheduled start date, and the remaining 50% upon completion of the project. The balance must be paid in full before the final designs are delivered. Please keep in mind that we have strict late fees for homework/feedback that isn't on time, because this throws off your entire project timeline - so plan carefully if you book during your busy season!

We normally have a 1 month wait list. Our design process includes a multi-part homework assignment that's due on the project start date, so the further in advance you inquire and book, the better! Once you select a date, sign the contract, and pay the deposit, you're officially on the schedule!

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