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Hi, I’m Christina! A wedding photographer-turned-designer creating emotion-driven, modern brands and websites for photographers and wedding professionals ready to attract their best-fit clients and embrace an identity all their own.

There’s nothing quite like building modern brands that are a breath of fresh air. Believe me, I’ve had many careers in this life —gallery curator, studio manager, photographer, maker, artist. None of them have been as satisfying as my work as a brand and web designer.

Ten years ago, I was a wedding photographer who loved being creative but didn’t feel totally at home in my work. It was only when I discovered Showit, the drag-and-drop website platform that I realized I enjoyed building my website more than I liked doing anything else.

That was when I combined my knowledge of the wedding industry with my passion for design and founded The Buffalo Collective, lovingly named for my hometown of Buffalo, NY and the artist community I fell in love with.

Today, we are a Showit Design Partner and 2021’s Showit Designer of the Year, with 100+ custom clients served, and thousands of templates sold to passionate creatives.

Ultimately, I found my way as a wedding photographer-turned-designer with the skillset to draw in your couples with clean, modern design that works hard for you. Working from my studio, I’m passionate about helping others build businesses they want to work in.
Honoring your vision but embracing creative freedom, I’m here to work with like-minded souls with a forever calling for following their own path in life. If that’s you, I’d love to hear your story, collaborate, and become the best of friends.

What does it take to become a Showit Design Partner?

Although there are admittedly many Showit designers, few are chosen to become Showit Design Partners. In 2014, Showit launched their partner program, and that’s when I became one of the first designers accepted.

To make it onto this prestigious list of designers, you have to pass their design standards course, follow and uphold the designers code of conduct, regularly create Showit templates that benefit the community, and submit designs that are reviewed for their quality, ease of use, and aesthetic. 

To this day, there are less than 100 designers in the program, and fewer than ten who have been selected as Showit Designer of the Year, which we were awarded in 2021.

To say that you’re working with a Showit pro is an understatement. With over 12 years experience on this platform, you can rest confident that whether you choose a website template or a custom design experience, you’re coming away with the best possible design for your business.

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