Why I Recommend Working With A Copy Writer For Your Website

A good copy writer will be able to listen to your story, observe how you do business, listen to your goals and motivations, and write absolutely magical copy for your website.

In my 10+ years in business, I never thought hiring a copy writer was *necessary* for my business. This past year I’ve experienced a small drop in template sales, so I decided to really step things up in my business. One of those “steps” was hiring a copy writer. There’s a lot of areas on my website that I have no problem writing for, but others are HARD. Like, really, really hard. And I knew there was a lot of room for improvement in those areas. I always tell people that if they DIY their own website, it’s going to look like they DIY’d their own website. So why would I do the same with my website copy?

I’m halfway through the copy writing process with my copy writer and I’m just floored at everything she’s delivered so far. She listened to my story – really LISTENED, and put together a 30 page brand messaging guide. It presented ALL of my core values, ideal client, services, brand voice, etc in a clear and concise way. More importantly, it made me feel validated and accomplished, like this business I’ve built is something truly meaningful. She also rewrote my SEO titles and keywords and did a lot of keyword research for me. She showed me which keywords my website was ranking for AND how well it was ranking for each one. This is GOLD.

Above all, working with my copy writer just took so much stress and pressure off my shoulders. It’s one less weight I have to carry all on my own, and I no longer have to wonder if the way my content is written is holding me back from making money. I know that each and every word is tailored to appeal to my ideal client, ultimately leading them down the right path to click that “buy now” or “book now” button. It feels so good to know that this is taken care of the right way so that I can focus my time and energy on other things I truly enjoy in my business.

As a designer, the thing I see clients struggle with THE MOST is writing their website copy. It delays timelines, makes the client feel insecure, and leads to a lot of frustration for me. I try to guide the client through the copy writing process as best I can, but I’m not a professional writer and even when the process DOES go smoothly, there is often a lot of room for improvement. Copy writing just goes beyond the scope of what I provide.

Where to find a good copy writer? I always find that Facebook groups are great places to find recommendations for *anything*. If you’re a Showit user, you can join the Showit User Group on Facebook. This is such a great place to find inspiration, recommendations, Showit tips, etc. It’s where I found my gal!

Yes, it’s an investment. You can expect to pay just as much for a copy writer as you’re paying for your website (around $4000-$5000.) There are some web designers out there who also offer copy writing, but I recommend going to someone who specializes in it. Most offer payment plans, and they might also offer some smaller packages. But let me tell you, it is worth EVERY PENNY. I’ve always believed “people will take you seriously when you start taking yourself seriously,” and hiring a copy writer one million percent did that for me. Go for the gold….you will not regret it!



August 19, 2022

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