How to Collect Killer Client Reviews

A killer testimonial can be one of the most effective ways to speak to your ideal client. For the longest time I thought client reviews were a waste of space- just fluff to take up empty space on a website. Since those early days, I’ve learned just how powerful a good review can be.

Some things to keep in mind:

-Don’t use multiple reviews that essentially say the same thing. There’s only so many ways you can use “We highly recommend (insert your name) to anyone looking for a wedding photographer!” Plus, doesn’t everyone’s website say that? If you don’t want to be price shopped, you need to find a way to stand out from your competition.

-Use reviews with substance. You want to give specifics! Your clients want to know more than just how “good” you are, they want to hear what it’s like to work with you, and what they’ll take away from the experience. Here’s a great example of a client review that tells a story, it gives specific information about what the experience was like.

My husband and I will never forget the magical sunrise experience with Katya. Her excitement and positive vibes (at 6:00 am!) were so contagious. It was one of the most beautiful settings I’ve ever experienced, being surrounded by ocean, sand, an incredible sky, love, cool romantic music (Rob was the DJ!) and these two made this moment totally worth it. We will never forget it.

-Trim them down! I suggest no longer than 3 lines of text. I can help with this!

-Use them on social media! Client reviews are a powerful form of free advertising! Pair them with one of your favorite shots from that particular wedding- it helps enhance the viewer experience and connect with potential clients on a deeper, emotional level.

-Use reviews that contain your branding words!

Why should your clients choose you?

What keeps them up at night? How can your services make their lives easier?

“I didn’t realize how much time and planning goes into a wedding. Jessica was a life saver! She helped keep us on track, spend our money where it counts, and tied everything together the day of perfectly. I never felt any stress the day of because I knew Jessica was on top of everything. she is a necessary expense and the very best at what she does.”

How do I get these kinds of reviews?

If you leave it up to the client, you won’t get what you’re looking for. Be bold in your language and guide them through the process. A few months after you’ve worked together, shoot them an email, check in with them and see what they’ve been up to. Then mention the new website, and ask them if they’d be generous enough to help you out. I’ve found that it’s easiest to create and send them a Google Form, where you can have specific questions that they have to answer.

What are you looking for specifically? What do you want your new clients to know? Here’s some ideas!

+What will you remember most about our experience?
+What have you taken away from this experience?
+How did we gain your trust?
+Did we meet or exceed your expectations?
+Why were we the best choice for you?

Once you get their response, feel free to piece it together in a way that suits you and your website goals.

Take it to the next level:

One of the most common things I hear brides talk about is how important the wedding photos are after the day is over.

“When all the laughs have been shared, all the arms wrapped around you both in promise of a loving future, and the dress has been hung back up… you turn to look at one another and say, ‘Is it over already?'”

More important than the rings, more important than the dress (that you probably won’t ever see again) and more important than any of the gifts or grand gestures. Your wedding photos tell your story. When pieced together, it becomes your family’s history. Your very first heirloom.

Clients love to hear directly from past clients. Why not have a former client write a guest blog post? Have one of your favorite brides from last year write a post about her experience throughout the day- what does she remember most? What parts of the day were most important to her? What parts is she most likely to forget? What photos will she cherish the most?

This is such a great way to provide some additional insight to your clients. It’s like one long client review without being too “sales-y”. What better way to built trust with your clients?!



October 18, 2017

Post Date:

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