Mentor Sessions

Have questions about designing templates? Becoming a design partner? Want to become a designer but don't know where to start? No matter where you are in your design journey, I'm here to help! Book a one hour one-on-one mentor session with me and we can talk about the topic of your choice!

one 60 min session for $250

Become an Affiliate

If you find yourself often recommending or customizing our can now make a commission for each template sale you facilitate! Once you're accepted we'll create your custom discount code - your clients will save 15% and you'll get to keep 15%!
The process is simple:

1) Fill out the application at the link below
2) We’ll review your information and if you’re accepted, we’ll create a custom discount code that your clients can use to purchase a template at a reduced price
3) 15% of any sales made with that code will go straight into your pocket!