BRANDING and SHOWIT WEBSITE DESIGN for creative businesses

Build a brand that's beautifully yours

When you DEDICATE so much of your artistic energy and time to your clients, it makes sense that sometimes your own business takes a backseat. 

When your visuals effortlessly resonate with your clients, you can shift your pricing up to a new level and dive more fully into the work that truly lights you up.

Your DIY website is holding you back

You're ready to raise your prices

You've outgrown your branding

You're ready to level up your biz’s time to hand over the reins to a designer who understands you and your industry, inside and out.

If you're feeling like....

What’s the process like when we work together?

Frequently Asked Questions

After the contract and deposit are squared away, we'll begin with a few simple homework assignments. We use these to learn more about you, your brand, and your ideal client. From there, the project starts to take shape, and we check in with you regularly for your feedback. Once the final design is completed (and you’ve fallen totally in love), we'll make any final edits to the website, chat about some promo, and publish your website! 

The design process is entirely based on back and forth communication between us, and we stick to deadlines for each stage of the process. When you book your date, it’s important that you’ll be readily available to respond to emails and updates!

If you'd like to see a more detailed breakdown of the process, we have a sample timeline on each of our individual services/packages pages listed above!

Do you have packages?

Yes! We offer 3 different packages, all listed above. Our branding package is available a la carte, and is offered at a discount if booked alongside either of our website packages.

Do you offer SEO optimization? 

We perform basic SEO optimization on your website, including keywords, h1 tags, page titles, and meta descriptions. We’ll also help walk you through some tips for naming your images and writing your content for optimal SEO. If you’re interested in an additional boost we have a list of SEO experts we can refer you to for top-tier expertise!

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! We require a 25% deposit to book the date to work, 25% the day before your scheduled start date, and the remaining 50% upon completion of the project. The balance must be paid in full before the final designs are delivered. Please keep in mind that we have strict late fees for homework/feedback that isn't on time, because this throws off your entire project timeline - so plan carefully if you book during your busy season!

Will I be able to update my site on my own?

Yes! Once we finish up, the site is all yours to update as often as you like. We provide you with personalized Showit and Wordpress tutorials that should cover any basic updates (text, images, etc) and Showit has an extensive collection of tutorials and help articles. Additionally, Showit has an amazing support team that can help with any issues, and we're always available to answer questions as well! We're here to help!

How soon can we get started?

We normally have a 1 month wait list. Our design process includes a four part homework assignment that's due on the project start date, so the further in advance you inquire and book, the better! Once you select a date, sign the contract, and pay the deposit, you're officially on the schedule!

What if I'm not a wedding photographer?

We typically work with wedding photographers, but not exclusively. We've also done brands and websites for interior designers, wedding planners, coaches, business managers, and family/lifestyle photographers. Please don't hesitate to reach out - we very rarely say no, and even if we're not the best fit for your industry, we can point you in the direction of someone who is!

Will you do updates for me on my existing website?

This is no longer a service we offer. We prefer to work on websites from the ground up. There are plenty of designers that offer hourly services, and we're always happy to make recommendations!

200% in 3 months

After working with us, Jessica's income grew by

2x her annual revenue

Shelby was able to

200% more bookings

Increased by $3000

Shelley and Portugal's starter package

200% more clients

Rachel was able to book

3x her prices

Brittany was able to

"Since launching my new site I have raised my prices and new clients know that the investment is beyond WORTH IT just from landing on my site.

She put so much of not only my personality but also my vision for what I wanted my brand to be in a beautiful and seamless design! Since launching I have found that more clients have actually been finding me via google with the SEO she put into the site and helped me write in my copy."

Victoria Saint Martin

"This website has allowed me to move into bookings at a higher price point and with clients that are a perfect fit for my business.

Christina created an album product page for clients to clearly see layout album choices and as a result, 90% of my clients purchased albums this year." 

Amy Donohue

Since launching my site, I've been able to raise my prices while booking more jobs than ever.

Even without meeting in person, she was able to create something that felt completely catered to fit my personality. And on top of that, I've found that the clients who are booking me have such a better initial understanding of who I am and what I offer before they ever even meet me.


Get your business back on the map

It's time to finally fall back in love with your business.