Why You Need To Be Using Showit as a Creative Entrepreneur

Hello friends, happy almost weekend! Today I want to talk to the creatives, entrepreneurs, photographers, and coaches out there.

How customizable is the website platform you’re using?

If you don’t have full control over the functionality and appearance of your site, as well as the ability to update it however you want, whenever you want, you could be missing out on some serious leads (and revenue). Here’s why I use Showit over all other platforms (and why you should too).

1) Showit is fully customizable – from layout, page structure, and navigation right down to fonts, colors, and video integration.

Other popular website templates out there (cough cough, Squarespace) don’t allow much wiggle room for changes to the page structure and layout. Once you select a template, you’re largely stuck with that type of page layout. If you want to have page indexes or a drop down menu (among SO many other features) and your template doesn’t support it, you’re out of luck. Want to have wider margins on certain pages? Nope. Want to use more than 3 fonts? Too bad! Want to create a pop up that slides in from the side? You can’t!

Showit gives you the ability to do literally anything you want – use ANY colors, ANY fonts, ANY page structure. Want a pop up only on certain pages? Ok! Need a sales page that uses different fonts and colors than your main pages? Sure! Want to layer some background images? Yep! Since Showit‘s software is drag and drop – you can place elements anywhere and customize them however you want. And it’s quick and easy. Literally drag…..drop. Working with a template? Double click and replace. Custom, custom, custom. Quick, quick, quick.

2) Showit allows you to customize your mobile site separately from your desktop site.

If you’ve ever tried to add a vertical line to a Squarespace site, you know what I’m talking about. Not only do you have to create it in photoshop and then import it to your media library (adding a line takes two clicks in Showit), but it doesn’t work AT ALL on mobile. When you look at the mobile version of the site, BAM. You’re smacked in the face with a vertical line/image block taking up the entire width of the website, creating a HUGE divider between paragraphs. It doesn’t look good, it doesn’t look intentional, and it just plain doesn’t work.

In Showit, you design your mobile site and desktop separately. Yes, that’s right, you have complete control over the size, spacing, arrangement, and visibility of all elements on your mobile site. In fact, you have control over everything. It’s just as customizable as the desktop version. Drag, drop, done.

3) But here’s what I love the most. Their community and support.

I stumbled across the Showit platform in 2010 as I was browsing Jasmine Starr’s wedding photography blog. I’d have to say about 90% of what I learned about wedding photography and business came from Showit and Jasmine Starr, but that’s a convo for a different day.

From day one, ten years ago, the Showit support team (back then it was only one person-now they have a huge team and are still growing!) has always had my back. They’re always available for questions, one on one video chats, phone calls, and any assistance I need, day or night. If your website mysteriously crashes overnight, not to worry, they have an emergency support staff member available 24/7 (I’ve never heard of any other platform doing this).

As I said before, most of what I learned about business has been from Showit and the resources they provide. In the early days they used to do a live one hour broadcast from their offices – one hour everyday where they featured photographers and their websites, interviewed Showiteers about what was working well in their business, talked about books to read, blogs to read, all while keeping things lighthearted, funny, and maintaining a sense of community. All along I have felt like Showit is not just a company, they’re a family. I talk a little bit more about this in a previous post, Why We Love The Showit 5 Web Platform.

Bottom line, Showit is hands down the most versatile, customizable, and user friendly platform for creative entrepreneurs. If your site isn’t up to speed, fully customizable and providing your customers with what they need, you’re not hooking or reeling them in. No more leaving money on the table. (Watch what our former clients, The Harris Company, have to say about Showit here!)

If you’re ready to make the switch to Showit, we’re here to help! We have a collection of 6 pre-built website templates designed specifically for creative entrepreneurs.

Check out our FULL collection of fully customizable Showit templates for photographers, coaches, and creative entrepreneurs here.



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Hey, I’m Christina! Ten years ago, I was a wedding photographer who loved being creative but didn’t feel totally at home in my work. 

It was only when I discovered Showit, the drag-and-drop website platform that I realized I enjoyed building my website more than I liked doing anything else.

Today, we are a Showit Design Partner and 2021’s Showit Designer of the Year, with 100+ custom clients served, and thousands of templates sold to passionate creatives.