A Closer Look at Our Design Process


A closer look at our design process…

1) Foundation

We’ll talk about your needs/timeline and schedule a date to work. Once the deposit + signed contract are squared away, we’ll provide you with your branding assignment and a comprehensive client questionnaire to get to know you and your brand!

2) Design

Based on our discussions following the initial consult and questionnaire, we’ll begin the design stage.  We’ll talk a little bit about your ideal client, your goals, and the best way to attract those clients and meet those goals. Remember, people don’t buy products, they buy experiences, so we’ll do our best to work with you and develop/tell your brand story! Visually, we’ll start with a moodboard, color palette, and typography selections. Next, we’ll dive into the website layout and navigation. From there, every project starts to take shape and move in it’s own direction. The rest of the design stage varies from project to project. This process is entirely based on back and forth communication between client + designer. We make changes as we go, we don’t save them for the end!

3) Launch!

Once we start to reach the end of the design stage, we’ll begin a launch plan. We’ll make any final edits to the website and visual materials, get some social media promo together, and publish your final design! When we’re all done we’ll toast to the launch of your new branding/design materials!

Some helpful links throughout the design process:

Basecamp – Basecamp is a project management website that I use to organize all of my projects! It’s a great way to keep all of our files and conversations in one place, make to-do lists, and stay on track for completion!

Turner Web Services – If you really want to boost your SEO, I suggest checking these guys out! While I do provide basic SEO optimization, these guys are on point in their SEO knowledge. Most of my clients hire an SEO firm to handle this sort of thing anyway, but these guys are hands down the best!

Showit Design Market – If you decide that custom design doesn’t fit within your timeline or budget right now, check out our pre-designed websites in the Showit Design Market!



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