Using Alt-Text to Boost Your SEO

In Showit, the “SEO Description” box will provide the Alt Text for your image. This text is important for SEO as it helps determine the context and description of the image. Think of the SEO description as the words you would use to describe the image to a blind friend in as few words as possible. While this is the area you want to focus on building and optimizing your images for SEO, it’s also important to avoid keyword saturation or using the same descriptive text on multiple images.

This is what I suggest…simply describe what’s happening in the photo.

Here are some examples:

couple holding hands during sunset engagement shoot in Buffalo’s Niagara Square

rustic farmhouse wedding at private estate in Allentown, Pennsylvania

adventurous wedding couple hiking in Lake Placid in the Adirondack Mountains

Adding venue names, the state you’re located in, and additional keywords (engagement, proposal, boudoir, newborn, etc) can give it an extra boost, but don’t over stuff this area with keywords. Remember, you want to think in terms of what your future clients will be searching for. Someone who just got engaged and is looking for a wedding photographer probably won’t be searching for you by name, because they don’t know you exist yet.  They’ll be searching based on location, venue, type of photography, etc.

Here’s some additional information on how to prepare your images for Showit!



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