The Most Important Thing You’re Missing From Your Portfolio Pages

Your gallery pages are beautifully adorned with your award winning photography, and maybe the word “weddings” in a nice font….but is that it? If you don’t have *at least* a paragraph describing what’s actually *on* the page, you’re missing out on some major SEO juice. Google is smart, but in the end it’s still just a robot.

Let’s take a minute to think about how Google works. If you have a gallery page where the only text is a heading that says “gallery” or “weddings”, Google doesn’t know that your site specific content exists. It doesn’t know that your image contains a beautiful sunset first look between a bride and groom at a historic barnyard venue in New Hampshire. Like I said, google is still just a robot. And when Google doesn’t know it exists, it doesn’t come up in search results. So when people are searching for first look images from that barnyard venue, your page will never come up in those search results. It’s up to you as the content creator to tell Google as much relevant information as you can. 

Even the most broad, general wedding gallery pages should have *at least* one paragraph talking about where you’re located (city and state), what types of weddings you love to shoot, and bonus points if you mention a few of your favorite venues.

Here’s a few examples…

From modern Los Angeles weddings, to intimate Santa Barbara elopements, these featured galleries showcase what is at the core of my work…my couples and their story! Every wedding day is unique, but at the heart of it all is the emotion — your friends and family, the little details that set the tone for the day, and candid moments that only a photograph can preserve.  

From the beaches of Charleston, South Carolina to the beautiful mountains on the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina, The east coast is full of stunning session locations. Engagement sessions are the perfect time to celebrate the fun season that you are in and all the joy that is to come.

Emily + Anthony chose the industrial O’Maine Studios in downtown Portland, Maine for their wedding. Being a blank slate, they transformed it into a romantic dinner party for their reception. We headed into the Old Port for their couples photos during cocktail hour. They celebrated with custom his & hers cocktails at Blyth & Burrows. 

PS: This applies to blog posts as well! If you’re blogging a wedding but all you include is photos – Google can’t tell what’s on your page. It’s even worse if your images are named “DSC…” (but that’s a post for another day.) Let me say it again – Google can’t magically decipher the details of the wedding. If you don’t provide any text along with the images, you might as well not be showing them at all. 

PPS: all of our templates strategically built with SEO in mind, so ALL of our gallery pages include plenty of room for SEO rich content.



November 2, 2022

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