7 Stunning Before and Afters Using Our Claremont Showit Website Template

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Check out these 7 STUNNING customizations of our Claremont template. Seriously, when I came across them I had to pick my jaw up off the floor. It’s so humbling to see someone take one of my creations and make it beautifully their own.

Here’s what Kelsey Lauren had to say, “Where do I even begin! Christina has an unbelievable eye for design and has created some of the most elevated and well designed templates I’ve ever used.

I recently made the switch from Squarespace to Showit and it was incredible how much flexibility came with Showit — but also a little overwhelming, I immediately began scouring the internet for a template that felt like me. The Claremont template balances sophistication and romance perfectly — it was so easy to customize and tweak here and there to really make it my own!

With the vast changes happening with social media, and the lack of audience for still photographs, I am so grateful to have a website that attracts my ideal client and also a website I am proud of!

Laura Ceja

Amethyst Event Productions

Dani Lacey Photographs

Kelsey Lauren

Asia Wright Photo

Sophie Lindler

Michelle K. Martin

Like what you see? Don’t forget to check out our full collection of Showit website templates, here!



March 1, 2023

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