3 Things I Learned From My Most Recent Template Launch

Make sure the product(s) are 100% finished before you start planning the launch

I know this sounds like no-brainer, but in the past I’ve chosen a launch date before the templates were actually finished and it didn’t go that well. I thought that giving myself a deadline would help keep me accountable, but in reality it just led to stress and I was never fully utilizing all the tools at my disposal for the launch. I never had a proper launch plan because I was always rushing. My social media posts could have been SO much better, my email marketing plan was done last minute, and to be honest I was probably even rushing through the design process itself. I FULLY believe anything worth doing is worth doing well, so it’s worth taking the time to make it right. Your customers will still be there in a few weeks, and they’ll probably be grateful you’re giving them a better product in the long run.

It’s ok to launch more than one product (but don’t launch too many at once)

In the past I’ve only ever launched one template at a time. I felt that by only launching one I was able to really just focus on one thing. I didn’t want people to be distracted or to be overwhelmed. I wanted to cater to one specific type of client with each launch. It was also just the fear of doing something big. Fear of standing out. Fear of celebrating a big win. You know, the whole imposter syndrome thing that plagues all of us. But this time I decided to just say….no. I’ve built this business, I’ve put in my time, I deserve a spot at the table and I deserve to have a big win. So, here we are with a three template launch!

Utilize your email list

I wanted to offer a 30% discount promo with this launch – but 30% is a big number (if you really want to know, I launched the 3 templates on my 33rd birthday – so 30% off felt fitting). I didn’t want the discount to be available to the public, so I decided to offer it only to my email subscribers. I want the people on my email list to feel valued, to feel like they’re part of something exclusive. After all, the number one rule to growing an email list is to offer people something of value in exchange for their address, their time, and their attention. I also promoted this on Instagram, telling people that they’d receive the discount code if they signed up. And we gained quite a few (a lot) of new subscribers!

Every experience is a learning experience. I fully expect that I’ll learn even more next time around – but I hope these three tips help you learn from my “mistakes!”



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