5 Common Mistakes When Customizing a Showit Website Template

Over the past ten years I’ve sold HUNDREDS of website templates, and believe me I’ve seen my fair share of poorly executed customizations out there. Over time I realized that all of the “bad” ones I’ve been seeing share many things in common…here’s the 5 most common mistakes I see!

Not telling people where you’re located.

Your location should be mentioned multiple times on the website (especially if you’re a service based business!)

Crowding the template with additional text and placing content where it’s not meant to go.

Most templates out there were strategically designed to be read a certain way and to keep people moving through the site. Rather than adding new text boxes where they don’t belong, consider duplicating an existing canvas instead!

Not optimizing the site for SEO.

There’s SO many ways you can do this on your own with Showit! If you visit their help library there’s multiple articles about naming your files, file size, H tags, page titles, and meta descriptions.

Trying to reinvent the wheel.

By all means make it unique to you, but if you’re tearing it apart trying to change every little detail, you’re pretty much starting from scratch all over again.

Putting a ton of time into the desktop version but having a messy mobile site.

The amazing thing about Showit is that you can design the mobile and desktop versions separately – giving you FULL control over how the mobile site looks. Take advantage of it!!



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