Use This Trick To Stay Productive When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed With Work (And Life)

This post is going to be short and sweet.

It’s no surprise that I have trouble focusing and staying on track. I talked about it in this former post, Tackling Depression and Burnout As A Creative Entrepreneur. I especially struggle with tasks that require the creative part of my brain to be firing at all times. But over the past few weeks I’ve solidified one tried and true trick that’s helped me stay productive no matter what part of my business focus I’m struggling with.

I’ve realized that certain tasks require the creative part of your brain, some tasks require the analytical part of your brain, and some tasks really don’t require much at all.

When I’m feeling too overwhelmed, stressed, or am just having trouble focusing on creative work, I switch gears. Anything to keep moving forward. Anything to top myself from picking up my phone or turning on the tv for the rest of the afternoon.

For example, today I just wasn’t feeling it. I had two websites to work on, but as hard as I tried, I couldn’t focus or get my head in the right space. I stepped away from my computer, took a ten min break (did the dishes), then sat down and wrote a few blog posts (this one included!) I let the analytical part of my brain take over. I was still productive, and still did something that moved the wheel forward for my business.

Sometimes I’m too stressed to write – and that’s when I focus on the tasks that take little brain power at all, but are still necessary. Starting to fill out tax forms. Deleting old files from my computer. Backing up a hard drive. Revising a contract. Pinning ideas for a template. You get the idea!

Studies show that our productivity drops when we switch tasks too much throughout the day. But sometimes it’s necessary. Sometimes you just need to let a different part of your brain take over. Like I said…anything to keep you off the couch!



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