10 years as a



Works hand in hand with Wordpress for blogging

Pricing ranges from $19-34

Fully customizable!

Drag and drop design

Unlimited fonts

Hosting included

Fully library of help articles and tutorials

Quick, personalized customer service team

Mobile site designed separately from desktop site, giving 100% creative freedom

Fully compatible with Shopify, Flodesk, Thrivecart, and other e-commerce platforms

All in one platform for website and blogging

Pricing ranges from $12-$40

Limited ability to customize

Requires confusing CSS code to make changes to template and layout

Limited font selection

Pre-designed templates with little flexibility
(sites that all look the same)

Little to no flexibility/ability to edit mobile layout

Hosting included

Fully library of help articles and tutorials

Easy to use, built in e-commerce

Built in email marketing for an additional fee

Let me guess, you built your first website yourself...and you've grown out of it.

Use the link below to sign up for a 14 day FREE TRIAL and get your FIRST MONTH FOR FREE when you sign up for a subscription.

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"Showit is just hands-down the best platform for photographers. As far as ease-of-use and presentation, Squarespace simply can't compete."

"Showit puts a wedding photographer's work on display – it's not simply a website. It IS your portfolio, a beautiful one."

"I'm consistently booking wedding clients that are more aligned with my values and goals, and I feel confident asking a higher rate with a gorgeous, professional website."

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Intuitively Functional and Stunningly Customizable

Choose your template, tailor it beautifully to your brand, and launch. Our helpful video tutorials combined with Showit's extensive collection of help articles make the process straightforward (and, dare we say, even enjoyable!)

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Yep, it’s really that easy!

"The drag & drop feature is AMAZING to customize the look and functionality of my site. I can easily make updates and change anything I want to wherever I want!"

"The back end is so easy to navigate and whenever I'm stuck, it's a huge relief knowing I can access quick, friendly support through the customer service chat."

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Showit is an incredibly intuitive website platform, but should you get confused, we’re here to help! Just send us an email! Showit also have an incredibly extensive library of help tutorials, this is gold!

The only other thing you’ll need is a domain! We recommend using GoDaddy. Once you purchase a domain, a Showit subscription, and a template, you’re ready to go!

No need to start over! Showit allows you to migrate your blog from your old server to their server. You won't lose any posts! They’ll handle this for you - it requires little to no work on your end!

Showit is actually almost the same price as Squarespace, with way more flexibility! Showit’s drag and drop software allows you to customize almost anything!

We always say that SEO is less about the web platform and more about how you’re writing your content…BUT yes, Showit allows you to do a LOT jam pack your site with some extra SEO juice! You can add keywords, meta titles and descriptions, image descriptions, alt-text, and so much more!

Nope, Showit is an entirely different web platform. Showit and Wordpress work hand in hand for blogging (more on that here).

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! You can easily duplicate pages or sections (called canvases), and then modify them to suit your needs. It can be done in just a few clicks!

YES! That’s what’s so great about Showit! If you can dream it, you can do it! And if you run into any snags, we offer template customization services as well!

Whether you’re new to Showit or already in love with the drag-and-drop platform (seriously, it’s like Canva for your website!), our fully customizable Showit templates are perfect for the modern creative who needs a premium design with the click of a button. Browse away, choose your template, then upload your fonts, colors, logo, and images. Launch to raving fans who can’t help but sign up to work with you.