$2000 //  1 day to complete

One Day Template Install

Option FOur

This is a fast paced a la carte package for those who have purchased a template and want it launched quickly. We will get your website launched in ONE DAY! This package does not include the cost of the template and requires all of the images and text to be prepared by the user prior to booking.

Typical wait time for this service is one month (book early!)

You purchased a template but haven't had the time to get started

You're feeling overwhelmed by your workload and want one less thing to worry about

You aren't familiar with Showit and don't have the patience to learn a new software

Before you book this service you need to have...

Time in your schedule to quickly respond to emails (the efficiency of this project depends ENTIRELY on timely feedback).

All of your website copy written and shareable in a google doc and your images prepared in a google drive folder (more on this here).

Your logo files, updated headshots and portfolio images (properly named and resized) in a shareable google drive folder.

Everything on our end will be finished in one day, we promise! We will send you a few homework assignments ahead of time - this will help you get your images, copy, and all other website content prepped before we start work. It is SO SO important that you have these things ready  by your start date! 

Sometimes there's a bit of a wait time to get your domain configured and your Wordpress account created. These things need to be done by Showit and they're growing into a bigger company every day. They have an amazing support staff and these things usually don't cause much of a delay! 

Yes, please purchase your template in advance through our Design Market!

Our template installation package was created for those that want their images and text placed in the design, with very little or no changes made to the layout.

Our template based website package may be more suitable for you if you need a large amount of customization - pages added or removed, additional sections, Shopify integration, Wordpress plugins, etc.

Yes! We require a $800 deposit to book the date to work, but beyond that we're willing to work with each client on an individual basis to determine the best payment plan. Most projects are broken up into 2-3 separate payments.

Yes! Once we finish up, the site is all yours to update as often as you like. We will provide you with personalized Showit and Wordpress tutorials that should cover any basic updates (text, images, etc) and Showit has an extensive collection of tutorials and help articles. Additionally, Showit has an amazing support team that can help with any issues, and we're always available to answer questions as well! We're here to help!

We normally have a 1 month wait list (at least). Our design process includes multiple homework assignments that are due on the project start date, so the further in advance you book, the better! Send us an inquiry and we'll get you started! Once you select a date, sign the contract, and pay the deposit, you're officially on the schedule!