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The Anatomy of a Logo

A logo is not one stand alone object. It is part of a larger whole, one piece that works along with your other visuals to create one cohesive brand. Logo design is almost like a mini branding package in itself. We offer three designs as part of logo design packages, because we know your needs are never “one size fits all.” Sometimes you need a detailed version, sometimes you need a simple one, sometimes you need a square one rather than rectangular, etc. When you have three, you have all your bases covered. Here’s what we include:


Primary Logo

The primary logo is the most detailed, contains the most information, and is the design you will use to represent your brand unless something simpler is required.


Logo Variation

The logo variation is a simplified version of your primary logo. It may contain less information, fewer details, and be oriented/arranged differently than your main logo.



The submark design is the simplest form of your logo. It may be reduced to just a letter, shape, or icon. This design is great for social media profile pictures, favicons, watermarks, or as a monogram.


Here’s an example:



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