I love anything with a rich history and am forever fascinated by what was and what no longer is. I have a particular interest in the post industrial urban decay (and now resurgence) of my hometown of Buffalo, NY. I'm always trying to bridge the gap between old and new, relating where I am today and what I've accomplished to the history of where I come from and those that came before me. I'm always reaching, searching, striving for more. I fully believe that you can build a happy, purposeful life and live your dream if you work hard enough and always keep pushing yourself to do more, make more, do better. On a daily basis I stop to take a few moments to reflect and appreciate what this all means to me. The bigger picture. A happy purposeful life.

My favorite record is Coesist by the XX. I live for the Buffalo skyline at sunrise- from a rooftop of course. And like a true Buffalonian, I've spent way too many late nights at The Pink.