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How To Prepare Your Images

July 7, 2017


Clients ask me all the time, how should I prepare my images for web use within Showit? Here’s a basic rundown of the how and why of my process!


1) Naming your files

Did you know that the filenames attached to your images can make a big difference in SEO?  You should always include your location, genre of photography, and business name in your filenames.  Here’s the magic formula I use!


example:  boston-saratoga-springs-wedding-photography-harris-company-001.jpg

You can get even more specific!  Adding venue names, the state you’re located in, and additional keywords (engagement, proposal, boudoir, newborn, etc) can give it an extra boost. Remember, you want to think in terms of what keywords people will be searching with. Someone who just got engaged and is looking for a wedding photographer probably won’t be searching for you by name, because they don’t know you exist yet.  They’ll be searching based on location and type of photography.

example: boston-lord-thompson-manor-wedding-engagement-photography-001.jpg

Be descriptive, but concise…and make sure to use a dash (-) between each word!

You can rename a large group of images in one of two ways:

1) While exporting directly from Lightroom

2) Using Adobe Bridge (select all of the images you want to rename, go to tools > batch rename.  These are the settings I use!


2) File Size

We suggest sizing to 3500px on the long edge. Showit will automatically generate smaller sized files based upon how the images are displayed on the site! It has an entirely new imaging engine that dynamically creates sizes based upon the viewers screen resolution. However, one thing to keep in mind, the bigger the images are the longer it will take to upload.  For this reason, we don’t recommend having more than 25-30 images in one gallery.

*Note: For blog images, we suggest a much smaller file size. The images only need to be as wide as your blog layout, typically under 1000 pixels. This make your blog load dramatically faster!


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